Friday, December 19, 2008


Although using luminaries to decorate is not a new concept, it never fails to look festive and beautiful!

I really love it when unconventional colors are used for Christmas wrappings - these are luscious color combinations.

Something about cut paper holds such appeal for me. Aren't these wreaths pretty? Reminds me a bit of Tord Boontje's work.

No mantel for your stockings? Here's a clever solution.
Right-brained me was feeling a little depleted in the creative department. I LOVE what I do, but once in a while, when I've been working a lot, I know I don't have it in me to cook up another creative thing. That's when it's better to just shut off my brain and go look at what someone else has done. That exercise never fails to refresh and inspire me. This time I went to Living, Etc. where I swiped these lovely photos. Where do you go to get inspired creatively?


vicki archer said...

The same way as you Anne - books, magazines and photographs. It gets exhausting trying to be creative all the time, doesn't it? But the great thing is I never loose the desire to learn more and see more, xv.

pve design said...

breathe and walk away from your work. put down that brush. you deserve a break!

Sabina said...

Wonderful creative charming photos!!

Happy Holidays!!

Melissa said...

Your blog always inspires my brain for decorating.

Thank you for that.


Karena said...

Take a breather, have a cup of latte coffee with soy milk. I have tear sheets everywhere (New Years resolution, organize into inspiration files.) Read my new friend's blogs for wonderful ideas!

Pascale said...

Merci de nous offrir ces merveilleuses ambiances de noël.


Ivy Lane said...

Man have I been brain dead lately..completely tapped out. I most certainly go to all of the wonderful blogs such as yours to get inspired! I am glad I stopped by today and am reminded of luminaries! I have been wanting to use them up my front walk here for the past 3 yrs since moving in, and always forget! Today..we are experiencing 50 mph wind don't think today will be the day for that project!

Love the stocking hanger/branch...very cool!

Happy Sunday Anne!