Monday, November 19, 2007


Andrew Daniel

Birdie Tree
Collection of Lollipops

Warmth of the Sun's Rays

Garden of Delights
Imaginary Floral Landscape

Imaginary Hybrid Flower Bush

Radiant Forest

Andrew Daniel is a painter I first discovered early this year on Etsy and was immediately drawn to all the beautiful, bold color and pattern he incorporates into his paintings. His works exudes a robust, sunny liveliness that sets it apart.

Andrew is a Los Angeles native born in 1974. In his youth, he moved to New England with his family when his father, a minister, was appointed to a church in Houlton, Maine. Andrew graduated from high school there and went on to study art at a community college in Augusta, Maine. From there, he transferred to the University of Maine and then moved back to California, graduating from Humboldt State University in Northern California. He now resides in nearby Arcata, California with his wife, Alice and 5 year old daughter, Abby. Besides being a gifted artist, Andrew is a genuinely nice guy who also has spent much time working with local children in after-school programs. He was kind to submit to an "interview" and tell us a little more about himself and his art.

What are your earliest memories of being involved making art or wanting to be an artist?
I knew a guy at the Unitarian summer camps that could draw anything. The other kids would always crowd around him and admire his talent. He was known as the go to guy for cool artsy graphics. He did a great job illustrating the Summer camp memory book. So some time around fourth grade I resolved that I wanted to be able to do that too. From what I hear, he went on to social work, because the art thing came too easy for him. He wanted more of a challenge.

What inspires you most as your subject matter?
I like to look at patterns in fabric and nature. I can get really inspired by the colors in someone’s paisley blouse or equally inspired by the way the pattern of leaves shimmers in the wind on a tree. Okay, maybe not equally, Trees inspire me quite deeply actually.

Where would you live if you could live anywhere?
Well, we really like it here, but sometimes it sounds fun to go live in Mexico. Imagine, just running a simple internet business and being able to live off of it down there! Anyway, I don’t think it would happen.

What do you find is the most challenging aspect of being an artist?
Finding time to create, having ideas ready to work on during that time and not getting distracted during that time.

Any projects you are currently working on that you are excited about?
During the last few large paintings, I have tried to base them off of other works of art. I have often collaborated with folks and for whatever reason, the end product is not completely satisfying. By working off of another artists work, I can collaborate with whatever creative genius I choose, but I get the final say on everything! HA HA!

Who are some of your favorite artists? Pierre Bonnard, Francis McCormack, Richard Diebenkorn, Sol Lewitt, Laura Fayer, Brett Bigbee, Fairfield Porter, Eduard Manet, John Singer Sargent, Max Beckman, Robert Colescott, Edouard Vuillard, Hundertwasser, Joan Mitchell, Leslie Price, Terry Winters, Elmer Bischoff, Beatriz Milhazes, Laura Owens, Fred Tomaselli, Neil Welliver, Gustav Klimt, Claude Monet………… Ask me another day and I could provide another twenty!
Thanks for the interview, Andrew! Keep us updated on your latest! Wishing you continued growth and success and a wonderful Holiday Season for you and your family!

Andrew has a website, an Etsy store and a blog. Check them out here!



Hello from Canada! I just discovered you because of the lovely birthday card you made for Cote de Texas. Amazing work. Thank you for highlighting this artist's amazing talent too. He loves colour and knows how to use it. I'll be back..I've linked you!

annechovie said...

Hi Liberty! Thanks for stopping by! Actually, it was my friend Patricia van Essche who made the card for Cote de Texas - she is very talented. Thanks for linking me, though, and for the kind words on my work. I will link you also!

blah said...

Dear Anne - love this post - Andrew's work is so bright and beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Wow!!!!! I love his work! Probably the coolest work i have seen in a while.

annechovie said...

Thanks, Anon! Glad you enjoyed his work. Have a great wknd!