Monday, February 11, 2008


One of my own paintings, reproduced and framed for me by ImageKind

Recently, I was contacted by Jennifer at Seattle-based Imagekind and asked to check out their products, one being their brand-new "Storyframes" option. Imagekind is the world's fastest-growing online community for creating, buying and selling custom framed artwork and photography.

Story Frames from Imagekind are the world’s first “build it yourself” framing option that allows everyone from the casual photographer to established artists to create personal narratives from digital files – including photography, art and children’s drawings. In just five easy clicks, visitors upload multiple images, which can be enhanced online, and then choose from an array of museum-grade mat, frame and finishing options for a personal masterpiece that will be delivered within days. With Story Frames, images are laid out horizontally or vertically, so that each framed work of art tells a “story” loved-ones will cherish forever.

Perfect for capturing all kinds of memories – from family adventures to romantic vacations and special holidays – Story Frames are one-of-a-kind gifts to surprise and delight a coach, teacher, grandparent or best friend.

Imagekind offers a variety of custom art products that include the signature Canvas Gallery Wrap and Canvas Museum Wrap. These techniques allow any digital file to be printed and stretched on canvas using state-of-the-art processing methods for a sophisticated and timeless effect.

Those who don’t have their own images to frame can search special interests such as ‘botanicals’ or ‘architecture’ and discover a gallery that rivals any world class museum. Imagekind lets customers browse and purchase photography and paintings, as well as modern and folk art, from more than 20,000 global artists. For more classical tastes, select from the Masters Collection featuring Monet, Picasso, Van Gogh, Warhol and others. Other special features in the Imagekind gallery include: Cityscapes, a collection of breathtaking views of the world’s most romantic cities; the Portraits and Famous Faces gallery that celebrates iconic works from every era by renowned photographers and artists. And if architecture or nature inspire, enjoy a browse through Imagekind’s endless Interiors and Exteriors and Nature galleries.

Imagekind is the world’s first community to serve as a hybrid art gallery, photo-sharing service and a print-on-demand service. At the top is an example of my own work, framed, that they sent to me in just days. They couldn't have been nicer or more efficient and I think that you may want to consider them as a viable and convenient option when looking for a special gift or to preserve your own priceless memories in a beautiful way.


My Notting Hill said...

Thanks for this resource! I bought your Lily's Desk print (which I love) and now have a source to go for having it framed.

annechovie said...

Thanks for stopping by and so glad you like the print and the lead was helpful. Thanks so much for your support!

Tara said...

thanks for giving us the heads up--you learn such great things from other bloggers! My son is an art studnet and this kind of thing will be so helpful to him! You're super!!

annechovie said...

Thanks for the comment, Tara. Glad this was helpful - hope your son's ankle gets better soon!

Style Court said...

Anne, I'm so flattered to be included :)

Happy V Day

annechovie said...

Yes, Courtney, it's YOUR beautiful chair! Happy VD to you also!