Monday, August 27, 2012


I've been so busy painting and working on fulfilling orders and trying to "batten down the hatches" for Hurricane Isaac that I am slacking off on any heavy-duty posting today.  If I haven't blown away and still have power, I will be back Wednesday. This time of year in Florida, when everyone else is in the Country is buying Fall clothes and heading back to life as usual, we still have several months of a prolonged Summer-ish season. We experience the hottest part of the year and Hurricane season. We stock up on batteries, bottled water, candles and non-perishables just in case we happen to get hit. 
Thankfully, it's been a long time since my area has been seriously hit, but we are bound to have some heavy rains for a few days while the system goes through.
I hope this anonymous photo I found brings a smile to your face and that your week is staring out well! 
I can't believe August just has JUST a few more days left in it, can you?


pve design said...

Hope it all blows over Anne, I hate to think about you and all your art blowing that image.
Batten down those hatches and if you must evacuate, do. We stayed at no.2 meeting street Inn in Charleston during Hurricane Hugo - 1989 and that was crazy. I still blame that on my dear husband....he loves adventure.

Christy said...

No, I totally can't! Fiona turns FOUR tomorrow! School resumes next week! As usual, the summer FLEW by! Hope you stay safe down there Anne!!! xo

Renée Finberg said...

oh my gd!!!!

i love this!!!

hope you are doing well.
it is windy and rainy here
but that's it.


MrsLittleJeans said...

I hope all goes well...I love this dude...xx

Anonymous said...

AWWWW so cute doggy:)

Your blog is so lovely..Do you want to do a Guest inspiration post on my blog??? it would be fun. Just send some cute pics and text to.... and I fix the rest:)

have a great week dear

LOVE Maria at

Holly Phillips @ The English Room said...

Wow! Cutest pug ever! hope you stay safe.

Unknown said...

Hi Anne, only just saw your post and hope you are ok and that the storm hasn't hit you!
Sweet pic!
Love from London

Katherine said...

yaw! such a cute little pug! i hate when i get so busy and hurricane season comes - it flooded here last year really bad!

<3 katherine
of corgis and cocktails

Santi said...

sweet photo!

Amy Vermillion Interiors said...

This is one of the best pictures I have EVER seen!

Love this…I want to give him a hug.

Hope all is well and you fared okay with Issac.