Monday, February 25, 2013


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I hope that you had a nice weekend. I had a very nice one myself and was just thinking how blessed I feel to live in Florida. 
Moving here over 5 years ago was one of the best things I have ever done. 
We have a perfectly sunny, warm Winter and then, even in Summer, we experience cooler temperatures than many parts of the U.S.  I never grow tired of the lush vegetation, beautiful beaches and laid-back lifestyle. It's a place full of green and color year-round and being expressive with color in your dress and decorating is not frowned upon, so I fit in perfectly.
 It's definitely not a place where the chromaphobic mentality reigns! 
Viva Florida!


Teresa Hatfield ~ Splendid Sass said...

Gorgeous images, Anne.
Florida is laid back and colorful:).
Happy Monday.

Anonymous said...

Your blog is so wonderful and Im following...I hope you follow me also:)

If you want some cute swedish decor inspiration...check out my new post:)

Have a great week.

LOVE Maria at

la petite fashionista said...

living in FL my whole life has definitely impacted my personal style as i now live in the midwest. my outfits and interiors are always full of bright colors, prints + some tropical accents.

Kate Coveny Hood said...

DYING over those shutters! Hope you're having a fabulous summer Anne!

Beach House Living said...

All lovely images....I would enjoy it there.

Unknown said...

Sounds lovely- I'm so glad its a perfect fit for you there.

CDS said...

Viva la Florida in deed!!

Anchor Cottage said...

I love Florida style. I miss being in St Augustine. I have the store for sale here in Northern MI and then I can move down to Florida and open a new shop.

Ivy Lane said...

Beautiful images! Florida is a lovely place! :) Love all the color and light!

Unknown said...

fabulous interiors! Thanks for inspiration:)

Shorely Chic said...

Hi Anne! I love your blog and shop, have been an admirer for a while now. I LOVE Florida and hubby and I spend lots of time there, Jupiter to be exact :)

You are one lucky girl to be there full-time, we are hoping for that ourselves!

xo, Liz

PS adding you to my blogroll now :)

Michelle said...

Lucky you! How beautiful a feeling to love where you live, it must love you too :) Thank you for your eloquent reply on my blog, I appreciate your perspective.

La Petite Gallery said...

I really miss florida in Feb and March. Infact I am doing a post next week on my old neighborhood.
I just foumd out my old house sold for 2,400,000.00 Shut my mouth.
Property has gone crazy. Wish I still had it. Well we have to dig out from Sundays snow. Ta ta
Love that pool.