Friday, July 19, 2013


Early this week I was over on the East Coast of Florida and I had a chance to swing by downtown Delray Beach while there on business. I had seen "Linda Bean's Maine Lobster" before and read that it had amazing lobster rolls, so we stopped in for lunch. My husband isn't into shellfish, but he indulged me - being the great guy and good sport that he is - and I had the best lobster roll I've ever tasted! The roll was accompanied by their "kelpislaw", pickles and salt & vinegar chips. It really hit the mark.

Another draw along Delray's main drag - Atlantic Ave. - is prep clothing headquarters "The Snappy Turtle"

This place has been a celebrated spot for finding brightly colored, tropical clime casual clothing, accessories and gifts for a long time and is right up my alley. 

Very Palm Beach-y. Lots of gauzy tunics, monograms, and prep overload. 

Loved the accessories corner where you can buy just about anything monogrammed.

Entrance to the beach - I love natural arbors.

We saw a parrot with some beautiful lemony yellow tailfeathers just hanging out in the trees.
Delray Beach also has an arts district charmingly dubbed "The Pineapple Arts District".
I didn't get a chance to visit it this time, but will return soon to see more. If you haven't been to Delray Beach, I would definitely recommend a visit. It's a charming place to stay, chock-full of cute shops and good restaurants right on the Atlantic. Have you been?
Have a great weekend, everyone!


Unknown said...

Delray is one of my favorite spots too! I love Boston's. Downtown Delray has great festivals and such. Will have to check out the Preppy Turtle next time I'm there.

Jo said...

Your lobster roll looks so yummy! If only that sweet shop were a tad closer. Looks like a great way to spend the day.


Ampersand Design said...

The parrot looks remarkably like a Sulphur-crested Cockatoo which is native to Australia and New Guinea. No idea what one is doing out and about in Florida!

Sandy K