Monday, July 1, 2013


I am kind of getting into having tea lately. Not necessarily at any set time, like having coffee every morning, but on a pretty regular basis. Maybe it's my partial British ancestry coming through.....either that or the strong genes of my 94 year old tea-crazed Grandma.....not sure. All I know is that I love this Kusmi Tea and the "Sweet Love" flavor in particular. Such terrific packaging, I have seen Kusmi repeatedly used by amazing photo stylists in design shoots, so I have wanted to get some just for the tin for a while now. Kusmi Tea is not cheap, but I scored a great deal and got 2 of these tins at Homegoods for about half price. I am also dying to try Laduree Tea and heck, any tea with fantastic packaging design. I am like that with shampoo, too. I happen to be a real sucker for packaging and gadgets. If I find something visually appealing, it somehow tastes much better and drives enthusiasm in me to get on a little kick. I suppose that it's a vocational hazard, being an artist. I have this cute little gadget here that steeps a mugful of tea at a time in case you don't want to make a whole pot as a solo tea drinker.

This is for loose tea OR a tea bag and the gray spring-loaded deal on the top will compress the water out of the tea (kind of like a hand-held french press effect) Just scoop out a little loose tea, click the lid and leave in hot water to steep. I always add some lemon and honey, too. So soothing and takes the place of dessert!
Do you like tea?


Mademoiselle Michael said...

I am a big tea drinker! I love making a pot in the afternoon and sitting down to my desk to get some more writing done. I think (for me) tea is a nice ritual that breaks up the day, and is both relaxing and rewarding. I've not yet tried this tea, but I'm glad for your recommendation! :)

Elizabeth said...

Anne--I do the EXACT same thing! I don't care what the product on the inside tastes like if the package is ugly. I just don't want to look at it on my shelf.

MrsLittleJeans said...

I love tea and I love your discoveries : ) You always find the nicest and happiest items...Wishing you a lovely July xx

Ivy Lane said...

Clever little "tea tool"! I'm about to have a little cup of Earl Grey... trying to stave off a bad summer cold..... Hope your Monday is off to a good start!


Andrea said...

I must pick up a few of those tea infusers! Love!!

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Karen Albert said...

Adore all of your blue and white ginger jars, Anne. All of your series actually!

In the evening if I am not in the mood for a glass of wine, I love to have a cup of tea often with lemon. Don't you find so many of the tea tins beautiful? I need that little tea press!

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