Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Hello Everybody!
I have emerged from my work cave to bring you an update. I am sure you haven't exactly been on tenterhooks, waking up wondering when I am going to post again, but I do feel remiss for having neglected posting lately to get other things done. I just love this room and it's relaxed cottage style. Those lampshades are calling out to me as I attempt my own lampshade customization project. That is just one in a long line of projects I am trying to pull together to inject our new place with some life, color and personality. I am attempting to convert our new home from the most generic, pablum, blah, lack of personality/color interior that you could possibly imagine to something eclectic,  interesting, comfortable and unique. I will post some before/after photos in the near future. IN the meantime, I will be posting sporadically and send you all my best. Thanks for reading and have a terrific day!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013


I saw this online and thought it was fun. What a great way to welcome people to your door....with a bit of humor. Find it here.
I hope that your week is going well!

Friday, October 4, 2013


I know that I have been terrible about blogging lately, but sometimes there are things that are pressing and you have to just stick to priorities and let the rest go without stressing too much. It's been another very busy week, but I am feeling better because I am checking some major tasks off my list and just met a big commission deadline. Time to take a little time off this weekend to spend celebrating my husband's birthday and catching up on a little rest. I love this photo because it conveys a homey kind of warmth and looks like a niche somewhere in a cozy London breakfast room.
Thanks to all of you fine friends who continue to read Annechovie, in spite of irregularities.
Have a wonderful weekend and see you soon!