Monday, June 30, 2008


How's this for a cheery little place to crash while visiting Mykonos in the Greek isles? No dull, muted earthtone bedspreads here with pilled-up undersides. No hospital wallpaper. No disguise-the-stains carpet. Pure color, light and clean style. Love it! Mykonos Theoxenia.

Friday, June 27, 2008


Aqua Louis XIV Chair on Trellis - aqua chair on deep chocolate background with white lattice design.

Original work by Anne Harwell
12x12 inches (3/4 inch profile w/finished edges - no frame necessary)
Mixed Media (acrylic, painted paper, board)


Thursday, June 26, 2008


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I want to thank Daily Candy for their feature on my work and commissions yesterday. It was an honor to be published by them! I also want to say thanks to Washington, D.C. Editor, Annie Lou Bayley Berman, who wrote the piece. She couldn't have been nicer when she interviewed me! As many of you know, Daily Candy is a sort of hip newsletter sent out to scores of subscribers across the country and abroad (NYC, London, L.A., D.C., Miami, Dallas, San Francisco, Chicago, Boston, Atlanta, Philly, Seattle) that features tips, leads and deals for the latest and greatest in shopping, the arts, events, restaurants and unique services. You can sign up for free for any city or even receive them all! Daily Candy will put you in the know!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Jeremy's studio - Harwell Photography

You can see the influence of Jeremy's earlier years working for Polo-Ralph Lauren

The interior of his studio housed in a historic bank in suburban Atlanta, Georgia

Jeremy Harwell, my brother and an award winning photographer

Jeremy captures his children at play

Where were you born? Urban Decay - otherwise known as Detroit, MI.

Have you always been creative? When did you you first "catch" the creative bug or realize you loved pursuing artistic interests? I think I have always been creative, I remember making my first slide of a reflection of some fall leaves in a pool of water. It was the 3rd grade with my teachers camera and ever since I have been hooked.

Lounges and palms at Alys Beach, Florida

What inspires you most and gets your creative juices flowing? Looking at all forms of art inspires me. Painting, sculpture, photography, a cloud in the sky, my little girls freckles. Being around other artists really also is inspiring. I love to learn!

Jeremy's son, Jackson, with his boogie board.

Family status? I am married with 3 lovely ninos!

Jeremy's daughter, Katherine

What is the most challenging aspect of being a photographer? The most challenging aspect is to constantly stay fresh and new - one can never rest on their laurels. You may have done it yesterday, but you you have to create today in the here and now.

Katherine and a friend

Jeremy's youngest child, Sam

Where do you live and work? In suburban Atlanta, Georgia


Favorite Food? Italian

Favorite Music? Classic Jazz

Alys Beach at dusk

Jeremy's children walking into the sunset

What do you wear when you are at work? Something that is not red ( to prevent the attraction of anything with horns!)

Jeremy is a gifted photographer and stylist who spent several years working in creative management for Polo Ralph Lauren in Atlanta, Palm Beach and New York. Several years ago, he and his wife, Karrie, packed up their family and moved back to the Atlanta area where they built a charming farmhouse and re-habbed a historic bank building for a studio. Jeremy is great with children and adults (he is known for his dry sense of humor and patience) and he has a charming studio located in downtown historic Senoia, Georgia. He also works on location. You can check out his website here.

Monday, June 23, 2008


With gas prices the way they are and garage space at a premium, I think I may have just found the perfect answer. The color is great, the styling sleek (ok, maybe not, but distinctive, anyway). What's not to love? I could cruise around town and have plenty of cargo room in the back for my art paraphernalia and what have you.....I could tailgate at art fairs......deliver gelato......deliver produce.....the possibilities are endless!! I actually saw some of these a few years ago in Italy. The Vespa Ape - I am sure no one on my block (or in my town, for that matter) has one. What do YOU think?

Friday, June 20, 2008


For all those who are drawn like a magnet to those beautiful French macaroons by Laduree, here's something to feast your peepers on. I just caught a glimpse of these macaroon candles (by way of Design Sponge) sold by Rose and Radish's new shop, Fete in San Francisco. I would have trouble not sinking my teeth into one of these - they look so delicious! An ingenious idea for a tea party centerpiece!!

Thursday, June 19, 2008


Seeing as how I love color, pink and just about anything relating to the sea, this mirror definitely caught my eye as I perused the pages of listings on 1st Dibs from LA based "Downtown". This would look striking in a beach cottage hanging above a console in an entryway. It was created by Onik Agaronyan. Yes, it's funky, but any of you who know me by now know that I don't go for the ordinary! Pity I don't have $3,800 extra dollars lying around. LOL . I am sure I could make something like this for a mere fraction of the price - get me my glue gun and a can of Montana spray paint (world's best!)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


The lovely Molly Worth of Chairloom

The logo I created for Molly

Some of Molly's pieces "before" transformation. Molly will work with a client to customize these vintage pieces - just "adopt" one and watch her work her magic! She is offering a special discount to Annechovie readers, so be sure mention you read about her here if you contact her.

This is another retro pair currently available for adoption and makeover.

I could see both of these becoming beautiful with Molly's expert touch - good bones.

The Bee's Nest, a charming boutique in the Philadelphia area. This is where Molly works and sells her chairs.

Molly's charming living room with a beautiful pair of bamboo chairs.

In the family room, the focal point is the antique daybed inherited from Molly's husband's grandmother.

Here is the follow-up interview, as promised, with the talented and gracious Molly Worth of Chairloom. Her stellar work has been featured recently in major press articles by Daily Candy and The New York Times.

Where were you born?
Washington, DC....but grew up in Michigan. High school in Rhode Island & college in Connecticut. Post college in NYC.

What is your artistic background schooling (if any)?
None. I am a Religion major & have an Applied Psychology Master's degree.

Have you always been creative and, if so, do you have an early memory of "making" something?
As a child, I remember trying to "impress" my older cousins when they were visiting by rearranging my room & setting it up in such a way that my "things" were on display. I would put the books upright on my bureau and "show" my room like it was a store. I'm aftraid to say that I don't think I impressed anyone.

I have taught at the lower and mostly middle school levels. Teaching is very creative.

What inspires you most creatively and gets your creative juices flowing?
I love "the hunt" in terms of finding the diamond in the rough. Also, it is exciting for me to then think about the 'right" fabric for the piece. I like to use new, fresh fabrics such as Hable Construction, Virginia Johnson, Rubie Green, Oliveira Textiles or Sea Cloth. My passion is about creating the ONE OF A KIND piece that brings the WOW factor to a room or home. A chair, couch, ottoman, etc. can make a room & pack a punch that gives the owner (and his or her friends) a lift or boost that only good art can.

What are some of your favorite things or things that are essential to your success/well-being as a person and artist/business owner?
Some of the things that are essential would be (the obvious first) family & friends as well as spiritual need and curiosity that leads me to seek God.

As far as favorite things (which suggests something material) I would list:
coffee with milk & sugar!
peace & quiet
hanging out with my sisters in Maine
visiting a best friend in Venice, Ca whom I speak with daily!!
music (Martin Sexton, The Grateful Dead are two favorites)
walking somewhat aimlessly in NYC neighborhoods like the East Village, Nolita or the West Village.

Where would you live if you could live anywhere?
Seattle , Washington with frequent trips to The San Juan Islands

What are the most challenging things for you about doing what you do? Finding buyers. Making money is a driving force at this point. I would like to find store owners around the US to sell my chairs. I might like to have a "green" line of new chairs.......

Where do you live and work?
I live in the suburbs of Philadelphia with my husband, son, daughter, chocolate lab & yorkie. (naughty, naughty dogs)

Favorite food?

Molly is an excellent person to work with - both very talented AND very affable. As I said earlier, she is graciously offering a discount to Annechovie readers, so what are you waiting for? I would love to see one of my readers adopt one of Molly's diamonds in the rough and then post the before and after on Annechovie. Also, any shop owners out there would be smart to feature some Chairloom pieces in your store! Check out Molly's website here.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Thank you to Jessica Condatore at new blog "The Love List" for her post on my work today. Jessica is a talented graphic designer and business owner who has recently started blogging. Welcome to the blog pack, Jessica!

Monday, June 16, 2008


This is an original acrylic on board painting by Anne Harwell of an aqua striped classic French bergere chair, all plump and cushy on a white and chocolate brown wavy-striped background. Great graphic quality! Acrylic on board measuring 12x12 inches with brown gallery edge profile of 3/4 inches. Protective covering and wire on back for hanging. Signed and dated on back by artist.

Friday, June 13, 2008


Me and Dad - 1974

Father's Day could be a painful day for me. I know it is for a lot of people. It can bring up disappointment, hurtful memories or maybe even no memory at all....Sometimes there's a blank space, a void, where they wish they'd had the presence of a father. Sometimes there's an overwhelming sense of loss, after a loved father has died.

There's only one reason it isn't a bad day for me and that reason is my dad. Dad has always been there, no matter what. As long as I can remember he was there. He would humor me and sing Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer to me in the middle of Summer at bedtime. He taught me how to play pickle with my brothers in the yard. He never tired of sketching twirling ballerinas for me on his yellow legal pad. He would never even get mad when I'd come in my parent's bedroom after a nightmare to wake him up. Poor guy, I would take my fingers and manually pry open his eyelids when he didn't respond to "Daddy!" He'd get me a drink of water and tuck me back into bed.

Dad with me and my brothers - 1976

Unlike a lot of dads, he was rarely too busy to drive us to school or make our lunch, even if it was just his famous recipe of A-1 steak sauce on cream cheese atop a Triscuit cracker (very tasty, by the way). He made us our own skating rink in the backyard one Winter and allowed us to do risky things that would never have passed with mom.


He is the most patient, generous, kind-hearted man I know. As I was growing up, I knew he was a good man, but I never knew just HOW good. Sometimes it takes the death of naivete and the lessons of life to show us the true value of someone who has always been there. It's easy to see who really loves you when the chips are down. When no one else is in the bleachers cheering.
My dad has set the bar very high. He has taught me priceless lessons by his love and example. Not by what he's said, but by what he's DONE.

Dad with his "girls" now - my sister and me.

I know there will come a day when Father's Day is a bad day for me. That day will be after my dad has passed on and I can't spend it with him any longer. But for right now, I want to appreciate the fact that he is here, just like he has always been. I am one of those few people who has had a dad who has always been both physically AND emotionally present. I'd be a disgustingly ungrateful person if I didn't realize what I have and cherish every moment I can with him. Thank you, Dad, for all your love, patience, prayers, gentleness and generosity. You have not only told me, but you have always shown me how loved I am.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Portland, Oregon artist Carrie Cowan creates whimsical pieces that make me smile! Her Etsy shop, Swellkid, is a great resource for some cheery, vintage-inspired pieces to brighten up your space.

Carrie has a Bachelor's Degree in Visual Art from University of Northern Colorad0, and a Master's in Teaching from Willamette University in Oregon. Carrie says that, as a kid, she was always more interested in music and theater than in visual art. She loved to sing and perform, but she has always enjoyed drawing. When she was 13, all she drew were fashion designs. The year prior, all she drew were imaginary floorplans of huge houses. She didn't start taking it seriously until she went to college. Her family is very artistic, both her parents are creative and her father is an architect. Her brother is also an artist in Portland. She says,"His work is really beautiful, I consider him the artist and myself the "hobbyist". You can view his work at" I don't think Carrie gives herself enough credit!

Carrie has been married for 6 years and is a devoted mom to her 2 year old son. She is inspired by him and his interests and began painting for children's spaces because of him. She told me that, once you have kids, you find yourself exposed to a whole new set of environments (I can relate because I was a nanny for several years....sometimes I still miss watching SpongeBob Squarepants!) Carrie felt that there was a lack of interesting and affordable art for nurseries. She didn't want to buy the $75 mass-produced reproductions at Pottery Barn Kids and neither did her friends, so she began creating her own! She's quick to add that her creative juices only flow during afternoon naps, and only then if the dishes and laundry are done!

For Carrie, finding the time to work on art is a huge challenge. She teaches elementary school half of the week and the other half she stays home with her son. He is still young enough that when he is awake, she needs to be focused on him.
She loves living in Portland. Carrie enthusiastically proclaims, "We are really lucky here - we have all the good things about a big city: great food and culture, without all the bad things like terrible traffic and pollution. Portland is super-saturated with creative people. It's a great place to live." She and her husband even have 3 laying hens that they are able to keep in a chicken coop in their backyard!

Some of the things she considers essential to her success and well-being as a person and artist are: an understanding husband who lets her spend money on vintage magazines and books to cut up, a great local art supply store where the employees know what they are talking about, an hour a day on Etsy, walking to the library with her son, and gummy bears or Junior Mints. She would also love the opportunity to spend time each year in Sicily, where her father is from. She loves good food and cooking - hmmmm.....could that have something to do with her Sicilian blood?! She loves all types of pasta (another thing we have in common!) Carrie's favorite music? She goes back and forth from The Wiggles and Dan Zanes. Favorite clothes when she's "doing" her art? "Normal mom-clothes!"
I admire Carrie's adeptness at balancing motherhood, art and teaching with such an upbeat outlook. It's no small feat to be good at all three. To nurture your creativity and gift, without sacrificing your devotion to the people that mean the most to you, is truly inspiring! If you are looking for some very reasonably priced art that would be great for a gift, a child's room, or just about any space, take a look at Carrie's Etsy site - you'll be glad you did!


My sweet friend, Anna Spiro, from Brisbane, Australia. Designer and Author of uber-popular blog, Absolutely Beautiful Things.

Last night, Anna sent me a photo of her newly redecorated office. I was excited to see my Royal Worcester Porcelain Jar print hanging up as part of a charming and eclectic gallery wall (all the way down under!) Thank you, Anna!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Photo courtesy of Style Court
Thanks to Courtney Barnes of Style Court for her mention of my new stamps featuring my painting of her chair. As always, she did a lovely job of styling a photo that includes a stack of books and some beautiful peonies with my stamp design on a letter. Courtney does NOT get paid for mentioning my work, nor does she receive royalties off the stamps sold (as the artist, I retain the copyright to my work). She simply does it because she is an exceptionally kind person and a very supportive friend. This chair is her logo for StyleCourt, and is one of my most popular paintings to date. I owe it all to Courtney's eye for design and her superb styling of her chair and books that she commissioned me to paint. It's currently everyone's favorite stamp in my gallery! No doubt she could have a very successful second career as a photo stylist!
If you would like a similar painting done of something you cherish, be it a chair, room, child or pet, I would be delighted to take on the commission and can even provide you with your own custom stamps for correspondence. It's a great idea for a gift as well. Please feel free to contact me for details here.

Monday, June 9, 2008


These beautiful antique chairs were restored and recovered by Molly Worth of Chairloom in my favorite Rubie Green fabric, West Village. (photo courtesy of Chairloom)

"West Village" designed by Michelle Adams for her company, Rubie Green

(Image courtesy of Domino magazine)
Congratulations to Michelle Adams, creator of Rubie Green, an eco-friendly textile company that features colorful, graphic and beautiful options for furnishing your home or office. Michelle was featured in this month's issue of Domino. Michelle is a young entrepeneur who is also a former Domino employee and has already established Rubie Green as one of the top "green" textile companies in it's relatively short existence. She sells directly to the public, as well as the trade, which is rare for a high-end fabric designer.

Michelle amazes me - she's only 25 and is a blogger, designer, and business woman (check out her blog, MA Belle). Besides being extremely talented and business-savvy, Michelle is a great person! Before I had even met Michelle, she was already recommending me to a potential client, who ended up working with me on a logo design. I want to thank her and also wish her and Rubie Green all continued success as she launches her new website this month.

Friday, June 6, 2008


The lovely Erin Gates of Elements of Style

One of my new stamp designs on Zazzle

Just want to say "Thank You" to fellow blogger and design observer extraordinaire Erin Gates for her post on my new stamp designs at Zazzle. Erin is a gifted writer and has a blog I know you will enjoy- Elements of Style.