Monday, September 30, 2013

My latest pillow design available now HERE

Wednesday, September 25, 2013


This photo I found on Pinterest of a nook looks like a cozy spot for a little respite, something I am needing right now!
I apologize for being so MIA right now. We are still getting settled after moving and I am setting up my new studio while trying to keep up with my work, orders and a big new project in the works. Things may be a little thin here on the blog for a bit, but thanks so much for your support and patience!
Hope your week is going well! xx

Wednesday, September 18, 2013


I am drowning in a pile of to-do's but enjoying every minute of it! Today marks my 41st birthday, and I have a lot on my plate, let me tell you.
This is one project I am attempting to undertake. Transforming a notty pine, non-descript piece into a "Campaign" chest. I found it on IKEA hackers, courtesy of Pinterest (where else?) I bought 3 of these Rast chests. My sweet husband looked a little skeptical when he asked why I wanted them and what my plan was. Being the great guy that he is, he only said "I trust you" when I grinned and attempted an explanation. I will let you know what color I paint them and how they turn out.
Here goes nothin'!

Monday, September 16, 2013


I am happy to say that I am still alive and survived the move this weekend. 
How was your weekend?
If any of you shrewd and sharp-eyed shoppers with style know where a similar salt and pepper mill can be found, please let me know. I'd be eternally grateful as I love these and have not been able to locate any in the US anywhere.

Friday, September 13, 2013


I love this room from the Don Alfonso Hotel in Capri, Italy.
The colors are soothing and it looks like a great place for a respite. Good thing I am not superstitious, as I am closing and moving on Friday the 13th. Maybe when the madness of moving, work and life subsides a bit my husband and I can schedule in a get-away to such a place. Ahhhhh.
I hope that you have a great weekend. I may or may not resurface on Monday depending on how I survive the move.....ta-ta for now, Kiddos.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


A pic of a grimacing dog taking a "selfie". 
Is anyone besides me sick of the term "selfie" and the whole concept behind it? T-I-R-E-D.

"Unexpected" Cheddar from Trader Joe's. I don't know which is better, the name or the cheese.
The best cheese I've ever had....ever. I am ashamed to say that I could easily consume an entire brick in one sitting if it weren't bad for me and totally and disgustingly gluttonous. 

Tigerlily flat weave rug from Dash and Albert. Love Dash and Albert rugs.

That's about it, folks. My week is crazy because I am working on some illustrations for a client's book project as well as a million other things, including trying to close on the new digs and move (mortgage lenders and mean people.....rrrrr, don't get me started)  The serenity prayer would sum it all up about now. I hope your week is going well.......

The original, attributed to Niebuhr, is:
God, give me grace to accept with serenity
the things that cannot be changed,
Courage to change the things
which should be changed,
and the Wisdom to distinguish
the one from the other.
Living one day at a time,
Enjoying one moment at a time,
Accepting hardship as a pathway to peace,
Taking, as Jesus did,
This sinful world as it is,
Not as I would have it,
Trusting that You will make all things right,
If I surrender to Your will,
So that I may be reasonably happy in this life,
And supremely happy with You forever in the next.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Friday, September 6, 2013


Time has been at a premium for me lately, folks. Lots going on around here, but still have found time to paint a few new pieces and this is one of them - "Tonic Water". It's larger than most at 24x36x1.5 and features some colors that will perk up your place! 
Can be hung vertically or horizontally and in any direction as you see fit. Find it here
Hope you have a really nice weekend!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


I hope that you had a nice Holiday weekend. I got a lot done, as we are supposed to move in less than a week and there's still so much to do! I cannot get over how flash sites are making online shopping so much easier these days. I have been able to pull together some great pieces for our new home in my spare moments on the computer.
I especially love One King's Lane for the style and quality of their stock. From furniture to decorative accessories to basic necessities, they've got it covered.
Check out all of One King's Lane great buys here