Friday, June 17, 2011


I wanted to introduce you to a new sponsor for Annechovie blog, Mary Kaiser, Ltd.

I am thrilled to have her link over on the right side of the blog and encourage you all to visit her great website and online store! Mary is a very talented artist/designer who created the original collage trend for furniture years ago and has since expanded into a multitude of different products and designs. Her line includes, but is not limited to, stationery, accessories for the home, and handbags.



pve design said...

Ouch, I have a feeling I could do a lot of damage over at Mary Kaiser, ltd. Gorgeous things!
Congrats to you and your new sponsor!

annechovie said...

Hi Patricia! Yes, I am sure we all could do some damage - such lovely things! Thanks for the congrats - Mary is a gem!

la la Lovely said...

What a pretty and fun bag with some great detail... love it. Looks like a lot of pretty stuff over there. I always love learning about new designers and places to shop.
Hope you are well!
Trina xx

annechovie said...

Hi Trina! Thanks for stopping by - you will love Mary's site! I love your blog for the same reasons - you tip me off to some great stuff! Have a great weekend!