Friday, May 23, 2008


Sending out a special thank-you to my friend, Patricia van Essche, of PVE Design for her post on my work yesterday! Patricia is a very gracious and talented woman and I am proud to call her a friend as well as a fellow artist and blogger.

I hope you all have a fantastic holiday weekend kicking off the Summer season! Be safe and I will see you back here next week!


pve design said...

You are most welcome!
Happy weekend!

Tara said...


I read all about you this morning with my college son who is majoring in graphic design at art schoool in after we visited pve, we headed here to you! He was so impressed with both of you ladies!

annechovie said...

Oh, that's so nice, Tara! Thank you! I bet you're glad your son is home.

Courtney said...

what a lovely and thoughtful post from Patricia! I really enjoyed reading it. She's already one of my favorite blogs and I liked her post that combined two of my favorite artists. :-)

annechovie said...

Hi Courtney!
Yes, Patricia is a sweetheart! Thaks for the kind commment.