Monday, December 29, 2008


Two beautiful chairs in Rubie Green fabric transformed by Molly Worth

Love this toile makeover by Ruthie Sommers

Punchy raspberry chairs (I think this is from Traditional Home)

This memo-board style room is unique

Love this pink sofa in Anna Spiro's home

I like this painting (source unknown)

Mathilde Agostinelli's fetching dining room

I have a distinct weakness for pink in many shades. When I was little, I earned the nickname, "Pinky" from my grandmother's neighbor, because my mom dressed me in mostly pink. As I got older, I tried to get away from that, but never really succeeded. I must admit, I am drawn back to it time and again. So, here's a few photos from my files of some lovely pink things. Regrettably, some I neglected to label and so their source remains unknown. I am working on being a better "labeler". That can be one of my new year's resolutions! I hope everyone had an enjoyable long holiday weekend - are you back to work or still on break this week?



Loving your pink post! My daughters nick name is pinkie too! When she was born my mother nick named her pinkie, as she was so fair.... enjoyed my time over here! Happy New Year!

:-) Cathleen

pve design said...

In the pink! Love the color pink, it surely makes things rosier! Have a glass of pink champagne on New Year's
Eve! Cheers pinky!

hello gorgeous said...

My m-i-l's nickname was Pinky. Reminds me of Adam's Rib with Spencer Tracy and K. Hepburn.

Love the print; it's already hanging!

Joyce said...

A fun post! I like the idea of a memo-board room. Have a pinky day!

Karena said...

Pink is a favorite color of mine! beautiful assortment of images!

Leciawp said...

I love this rosy post - makes me happy! Hope your week is off to a great start.

cotedetexas said...

great eye candy! love the deep pinks - how was Christmas??

Ann said...

I love that color too. And you've given me some rosy eye candies that's so adorably yummy.

Marnie said...

love the memento walls - any idea where you found that image - love pink too

Alkemie said...

As ever, I always adore your colorful and pink posts :) Great inspiration.

Happy New Year Anne!

P.s. I love the notecards!


The Devine Life said...

Thanks for a great post-- I think I have to add pibk to my new palette.

hmstrjam said...

warm interior! love the pink

Anna Spiro said...

Well of course I'm with you when it comes to pink! My all time favourite colour in the whole wide world!! Thanks for including my pic Anne!

Oh, BTW I absolutely ADORE that blue and white plate you did - wow! Maybe I need to get you to paint something for me too!!