Monday, April 4, 2011


I love to cook and have always loved Julia Child. I was very sad when she died, as she was one of those people like Mr. Rogers - when you grow up in the U.S., they were two of those cultural figures who were always just "there" and a part of your life. I was probably one of the few grade school kids who tuned in regularly to watch her show.  My brothers would tease me because it used to be my job to clean the kitchen after meals and I would take the leftovers and act out my own little cooking "show" when I thought no one was around or listening. I found this charming painting
by Philadelphia-based artist El Lohse.
Gotta love Julia and the "butta" - her favorite ingredient (we share that in common!)
El creates fascinating works based on cultural icons. You will love checking out her fun shop here!


Claudia Lane said...

Anne this painting is lovely and fun. She looks like a really great lady- unfortunately I didn't know of her- growing up in Italy is a completely different story. I have a feeling I would have loved her shows and her cooking - did anyone mention butter? he he! Jokes! (like my 15yo daughter would say!) -I'm just obsessed with cooking shows...! Have a fantastic week :))

Sarah B said...

It must be because I'm Australian, but until I saw Julie & Julia I wasn't familiar with Julia Childs. I did love the movie :)
We had a tv show when I was little called Carefree Cooking and I used to pretend I was the carefree cooking lady. That's who I wanted to be when I grew up.
ps the artwork is great :)

quintessence said...

I loved Julia as well - you know you can buy DVD's of the old shows! What a charming painting - I'll definitely have to check out El's Etsy shop. And we're a butter family here also!!

Sweet Pea (formerly Alice) said...

Lovely! I only got around to loving Julia after reading My Life in France... but I can see how as a young one she would be so comforting.
I love your blog!
Just a Silhouette

The enchanted home said...

Love it....have to show my friend who just might be Julia Childs biggest fan and named her first daughter after her....this is adorable. She was indeed a larger than life character!

Ann said...

Oh I guess everybody loves Julia...
She has this air of cheerfulness around her that makes you think it is just your Aunt that's teaching you how to cook.

Oh the artwork looks great by the way ♥

Sydney Steenland said...

Cute painting,really wish I could cook something other than healthy pizzas!

Sarah said...

What a great story Anne, I used to play 'store' where my family had to 'buy' food from me...I would set up a table etc. Anyway, I loved the movie 'Julie & Julia' and I too watched Julia as well as Jack LaLanne and Mr. Rogers! I'll stop before I date myself too much! :)

Atelier de Chiqui said...

Beautiful :) I love Julia

Lila said...

Such a cute painting! Once again, this reminds me of my lack in any artistic abilities!
Lila Ferraro

Amy Vermillion Interiors said...

Hi Anne!
I love Julia and used to watch her show on PBS too! She had that strangled way of speaking that I adored. And she moved slowly..didn't make me nervous like some tv chefs today.
Fun post!

Pinecone said...

I love the painting! I miss Julia...she was always so entertaining.

Karena said...

Anne how charming. She is such an icon and I adored the movie Julie Julia!

Art by Karena

Marie Söderberg said...

great painting..unfortunality i didnt know a swedish girl Iam..but I do understand your feeling when a famous person like she was is no longer among us
/have a lovely week to //Marie

Megan said...

Love Julia too! Loved watching her shows but still haven't figured out how to cook, lol!


Kirsten Steen said...

Love picturing you as Little Julia with a batch of leftovers in your parent's kitchen working your own show!! Very sweet. Share a few of your favorite recipes from today?
Thanks for bringing back the memories.

DolceDreams said...

Love this! I'm off to check out her shop ~

Irene said...

Hello Anne,
I am always amazed with beautiful "everyday" art. Putting your heart to a work that other people will love is such a blessing!
I watched Julie and Julia with my eldest, three times on DVD and we ended up purchasing it: it would cost us more to keep for another day!
I always enjoy stopping by and reading your posts.
Wishing you a pleasant, uplifting weekend.