Friday, August 12, 2011


This stuff I discovered at Costco is phenomenal......notice my 2 lb. jar is lasted me for a couple of months. I force myself to ration it.

Pandora is my go-to when I'm on my PC.....which is a healthy chunk of my day. My 2 favorite stations I created are currently Kathryn Scott and Stan Getz.

One of my healthiest friends has pointed out that almonds with this much  ahem, "seasoning" lose some of their nutritional value, but I can't help it.....these are just so good.

photo courtesy of the Food Network
Sauteed Spinach with garlic is something I eat several nights a week. I buy a giant tub of organic spinach every week and am earning the nickname "Popeye" in a hurry. Ina Garten (whom I wish I could adopt as an aunt, she is so utterly likable) has a terrific recipe here, although I substitute canola oil for the butter (so I can can meet my butter quota while eating the toffee in the top photo, without having to get my pants altered!)

So, what's making your life better these days?  Any great finds to share with me?  Have a nice weekend! 


MissBliss said...

Hi, Anne,

This almond toffee looks amazing... have you tried the Spanish Marcona almonds they carry too? Delicious.

Walking down to the beach and seeing a small yoga class under the beautiful sky was a nice surprise last night, and mojitos on Ocean Drive were a good thing :).

Christy said...

Oh man Anne - that first picture got me, but the others look mighty fine too.

Let's see, since I'm pregnant, there are LOTS of things getting me by these days. Top of the list? Freshly baked sourdough bread, toasted, with butter and strawberry jam. OMG good. Second? Marinated flank steak with tequila lime sauce (recipe is on my What We Eat tab of my blog - holy moly it's our current favorite dish), fingerling potatoes, and salad. Third? Peanut M&Ms.

Okay, now I'm STARVING and off to eat lunch!

JMW said...

Oh, yeah, that toffee would be gone in no time in my house. All great things, especially Pandora. Such a cool concept. :)

The enchanted home said...

Almond toffee? I am so there! Woudn't last 2 weeks. Love almonds and spinach sauteed with garlic and olive oil. So healthy.....whats making my life better? Lots of fresh fruit, on a daily basis, and veges! Have a great and healthy day!!

DolceDreams said...

oh that almond toffee looks sooo dangerous! indulge and have a great weekend,

The enchanted home said...

PS Noticed you loved Mid August Lunch!! Wasn't that a fabulous movie? So sweet, wholesome, a true feel good story that I have seen twice and recommended to my parents who also love foreign enjoyed it! be there right now! I was so excited to see someone else not only saw it, no one else I know has but who enjoyed it as much as I!

Unknown said...


Lots of salads, light on the meat with lots of veggies, water, blueberry smoothies, and for a sweet tooth my new favorite:

Trader Joe's Organic Peanut Butter crunchy unsalted and Nestle's dark chocolate chips.

1 tablespoon peanut butter and 12 chocolate chips, stir to mix well. Small bites using a teaspoon eat slowly and enjoy this healthy treat. Yummy yum yum!

Carrie Waller Watercolors said...

Yummy!! Now I have to go eat a snack, thanks a lot:) I'll keep my eye out for the toffee, we don't have a Costco but I've seen that Kirkland's brand somewhere else, hmmm? Love Pandora, mine is set on Frank Sinatra, Louis Prima, that's my bag:) Love, Love, wasabi and soy sauce almonds, and can't wait to try Ina's recipe, I want her house in the Hamptons! We're a spicy house and I think I'll modify and add some red chili flakes. Thanks for the delicious post!

Sarah said...

Hi Anne: Great post - I love nutritional information! I am a BIG fan of Dr. Oz and I have been eating 1/2 cup of hummus for lunch with unlimited sliced peppers (red, yellow, orange and green), sliced cucumber and have thrown in cherry tomatoes. Add a few natural crackers (Ryvita for ex.) and its delicious! Beats my old pb&j's anyday!! My next purchase will be some kind of 'green' powder mix you can add to soy milk or water, not sure and blend it for a morning boost. Thought it would be good to try!!

Karena said...

Anne, wow your suggestions are awesome. I must try the toffee. I used to eat lots of spinach, love it sauteed with almonds and topped with grated Parmesan!

I am also adding lots of supplements.

CO Q10, fish oil Vitamin B-12 etc. I can really tell the difference in my energy.


Art by Karena

La Petite Gallery said...

I love the smokehouse almonds, and I found a gelato to dye for Dark Choc. TALENTI..I go through 2 a week. I am addicted to it.
I also like broccoli Rabe in garlic and olive oil.
I have Fish oil and calicum, forget to take it.


Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Hi Anne,
I love the sound of all of these but, we probably can't get some of them over here although, the Almond toffee is called nut brittle over here and comes in a big slab. It's delicious.
I'm trying to be good at the moment. A little while ago I stopped drinking wine and eating chocolate for a few weeks but, the wine is gradually creeping back!! I haven't had chocolate for a while though. When you get to my age you have to be careful !!
Thanks so much for your comment today. I hope that I didn't shock you !! I think that I might have lost a few followers because of it but ...... I found it quite funny !! Laughter is SO good for you !
Hope you are having a lovely weekend. XXXX

quintessence said...

Oh I'm sorry to say that I have had the Costco almond toffee - it is deadly!! Unfortunately mine didn't last nearly as long as yours which is why I probably won't be buying it again any time soon!! Love your other picks as well!!

Anonymous said...

ALL good....smiles

Holly said...

I think I eat my weight in Spinach every week too! I eat it fresh and sauteed, and I love its versatility!