Monday, June 18, 2012


A little shop browsing 

A little work

Some seafood salad rolls I made with a side of Summer squash

Discovering the world's best cottage cheese 
(Whoa - exciting!!)

Admiring the custom painted dressing rooms at Lilly Pulitzer
last, but not least, celebrating Father's Day with my terrific Dad by making him Chicken Piccata and 
having some of my Mom's homemade cheesecake.

I don't know about you, but sometimes in this age of Facebook, Twitter and blogs, I get the feeling that many seem to be starring in a production all their own. Desperately vying for attention and competing for the envy of their friends (or, should I say "contacts"). It's like people are reality show wannabes. Hungry for attention, eager to show photos or videos of themselves doing everything and nothing, whether or not anyone is really interested. Along with the voracious hunger to be on display there's also a certain measure of trying to portray  their lives as something they may not be or as more exciting than the next persons'. Aspiring for celebrity status. All of these people documenting their every move?? I don't get it. They must either be very confident that their lives are exciting and enviable or they are totally delusional.

I'm the first to admit that people are interesting. I am a born people watcher and I do enjoy the human-story side of things and lifestyle voyeurism to a degree. Personally, I am a fairly private individual and am not keen on showing photos of myself for the heck of it, especially since only 1 out of 50 turns out decently! That's why in the 5 years since I've started this blog I have shown only a few photos of me and try to strike a balance between being open and over-exposing myself. However, I also realize that it's essential, especially in the art/design/blogging business to have a website and make a connection with people, put yourself out there a bit and not remain a complete mystery a 'la the unibomber.  Just as I enjoy reading about other folks, sometimes I need to open up and show a little of my own world. But I ask myself, where do you draw the line between being accessible vs. making people sick from your personal trivia?  The pressure of "sharing" can make you feel like you need to present your life as more exciting than it may actually be and what is exciting to one person may seem pathetic and mundane to another. Kind of like show & tell in school when the next kid made what you shared seem dumb by comparison. What ever happened to being yourself and contentment with reality? Why do so many people feel the need to be a star and be so affected? Well, I am certainly no star with an exciting life, but hey, I am perfectly ok with that. There's great freedom in anonymity and tremendous joy in the simple things. Perhaps there's value, just even living YOUR own life as it is, rather than the life of a person who is a figment of your imagination or someone elses'? Ya think?? When did we start attributing more value to someone's existence based on the numbers in their viewing audience??  
What do YOU think?
Hence, a few pics of my totally un-glamorous but perfectly satisfying weekend. 
I hope that you had a great weekend, too!  


Kate Coveny Hood said...

So true Anne! I would probably write a lot more if I thought people would actually be interested in my every move. And since they wouldn't...I try to go for quality as opposed to quantity.

pve design said...

Oh my gosh, you read my mind. I attended a seminar saturday and one of the gals said - I am writing this blog for the way cooler than me, that I am not. Yes, there is something odd about sharing tmi. I think it is much more interesting to keep things private.
My Mother said, a woman is always more interesting when she is modest.

pve design said...

I just love the title of this post.

Christy said...

Ha! Good points Anne and I LOVE all the photos - boring or not. I want to eat that cheesecake! I've NEVER had homemade cheesecake!!!

As you know, I post an inordinate number of photos of myself. And my kids. And my husband. And I used to of my dog - but he totally gets the shaft these days. But I do this to keep in touch with the majority of my dear friends and family who aren't local. I can't just pop over to most of my friends houses! Sob! So yes I do document my hairstyle, and how cute my kids are, and my triathlon (DU-athlon! WOOT) accomplishments, and hopefully am not seeming obnoxious!!! But -- I do not care about the viewing numbers - in face I'm constantly culling my FB friends, and only 'keep' the ones I really like/love in real life, and the very special friends I've made through blogging (ahem!).

So, that's my story and I'm sticking to it! Ha!

PS - I would LOVE to see more photos of you. And those homemade desserts!:)

Unknown said...

Stopping by from PVE - I LOVE this post and am so glad she highlighted your extremely poignant concept.

I'm Georgina and your newest follower, thank you :)

nicole said...

Oh my gosh Anne, I couldn't have said it better myself. It can be so off putting and overwhelming at the same time. You do a fab job of keeping it professional, and personally authentic (without over sharing) at the same time. We should all take note- cheers!!

Beach House Living said...

I think your right on target and saying what I couldn't find the words for. It's hard to know where the line of accessible,or a business to client connection, and too much sharing is anymore. I'm not a fan of reality or contestant television...

Jo said...

You've put my exact thoughts into words ~ only you said it better :) I've stopped reading certain blogs because they've turned into *look how wonderful I {and my perfect family} am* postings. I find that I'm drawn to humble individuals with true thoughts and feelings.

Your weekend looks wonderful and spending time with your father was the perfect topping!

Have a great week ~

Katherine said...

looks like a wonderful weekend - i will have to try some of that publix cottage cheese when i go back down to florida

navy and orange said...

looks too fun!

xoxo navy & orange

Karena said...

You were reading my mind when you posted this Anne! I am a fairly private and reserved individual.

My blogs purpose is really to promote the arts, artists, artisans, entrepreneurs etc.When I offer a giveaway I feel like it is also my way of giving back...we all like a little surprise now & then. It excites a lot of people; which makes me happy that maybe I am helping to pay it forward.

Art by Karena
Artists Series 2012

debra @ 5th and state said...


well said anne. your thoughts mirror mine just so much more eloquently.

we glorify "celebrity" in our society and everyone seems to want a piece of it, losing a touch of humanity and definitely humility along the way.

annie@mostlovelythings said...

This is the prefect post! Others may enjoy posting more information about themselves and that's fine...but I'm in total agreement with you and Patricia. I think your weekend sounds and looks pretty great...I love to see your workspace. Sooooo pretty.

Teresa Hatfield said...

You ar eon the money, friend. It is difficult to know how much is too much!
I love these pictures. Thank you for sharing. Appears you have a great weekend, and isn't Publix great?!
Happy Tuesday!

Unknown said...

Oh my! I can understand the quandary. Honestly, I am starting to find the philosophy of "small is better" quite intriguing. A smaller life, one that is simple and yet, satisfying is what I am trying to head toward as retirement starts to loom in the near future.(10 yrs?) I like what you have posed in this post and think I will try to put some thoughts of my own together soon. Anonymity....sounds good....smiles

Get Campie! said...

Ditto to everything you said!! I can't say it any better. I've been wondering.... I get very few commentsI Is it because I'm just informative and people don't know "me" that they don't connect. Just a perspective. I don't connect personally on T or FB either. There isn't enough time in the day. So for now... I'll just post my little face on my sidebar and send my inspirations out into the blog universe :)
Have a great day!! BTW Love that painted wall

Amy Vermillion Interiors said...

Hi Anne!
First I'll say that I love Publix cottage cheese too when I am lucky enough to go to a Publix…hoping we get one someday in NC.

What I think is very interesting is that EVERYONE has a blog. I mean, everyone!
I use mine for my business and occasionally will offer a peek into my personal life…a very small peek. Not only am I concerned with putting it "all Out there" for safety reasons (my child, my home etc). But I agree that who would really care what I'm doing personally 24/7!

And….I so agree with you that women have used the internet to portray themselves as being perfect with perfect lives, perfect homes, perfect husbands etc.
My personal favorite snark worthy pictures are the office pictures that say…"LOOK AT MY BEAUTIFUL OFFICE WITH ITS PERFECTLY PLACED PENCIL CUP ..and absolutely NO work is getting done in there. Cause how could it?

Being authentic is so refreshing…it draws people in. It removes the veil of trying so hard. Comparison is the thief of joy and unfortunately with the internet…it allows people to put something out there that isn't true and creates (in some) the pressure to be something they aren't.

Okay, stepping off my soap box now. Hope I don't fall on the way down…

Still want to do a client gift of your lovely work when the house is finished.

Hugs Anne…thanks for your honesty!