Monday, March 18, 2013


Not much surfing takes place here in my neck of the woods, but nonetheless, I dig the look of surfboards and saw this at my local Trader Joe's. With my frequent mentions, you probably think that's the only place outside of my studio that I go.
A girl's got to eat....

I never tire of Palm Trees and have a mild fixation with them.

This is a new nail color I picked up while in Honolulu that I am sporting on my toes at the moment. 
It shows up glowing neon under UV light.

This is the only photo that I did NOT take (*that probably accounts for it's clarity and great lighting)
but it's in Greece and I am crazy about the bougainvillea against the white with the brilliant blue shutters mixed in. I want to visit the Greek Isles. Badly.
Ok, that's random stuff - is it not? But don't you feel warm and sunny? Hope your day is terrific.
I am painting away in my studio this fair Monday.


CDS said...

Nothing beats the beach!

Sarah said...

Hi Anne: Beautiful pics and yes, I would LOVE to go to Greece too...that being said, it is snowing fiercely here in Downeast Maine - really annoying!! Not looking forward to shoveling some of the stuff tomorrow...;-/

Dolly Cocossino said...

fantatsic pictures... we hae snow since october to may, june so imagine how much i miss sun, greetings from Norway