Monday, June 16, 2014


As any of you who follow me on Instagram know, I found a steal-deal at the Church Mouse when I was in Palm Beach a few weeks ago. I have wanted one of these classic Chinese Chippendale armchairs for years and even painted one (print available here)and so, when I spotted this for a mere $95, my husband suggested I snap it up.

The seat was filthy and dingy, but I knew that I could either clean it or reupholster, so I didn't let that small detail deter me one bit! I hated to have to rip out the nailhead trim, so I opted to clean the white upholstery with Bar Keeper's Friend after reading online that it works on vinyl like a charm. It did the job and the seat is now spotless.

The frame was a little too drab for my liking as well, so I decided to mix my own paint color and give it a brighter look.

Here it is, cleaned and freshly painted with my "Italian Gardens" cushion that is available here
Hope you have a great start to your week!


Sloopy said...

Beautiful! Love the color.

I enjoy your blog.

Unknown said...

Love your chair planter its so pretty and clever.
need to find me an old one.
I just love family get together it just feels fun.
thanks for sharing all your beautiful pictures.


Recently I did a post about these amazing chairs too! So gorgeous and unique, really like them ;)

Sarah said...

Looks great! Love those chairs, what a bargain!