Wednesday, August 8, 2007


Gouache/ink painting on Arches cold press paper (8x10)

THANKS FOR THE MENTION Patricia Gray, Adorn, and Peak of Chic!!!!!!
I want to thank both Patricia Gray of Patricia Gray, Inc. , Kayte Terry of Adorn magazine and Jennifer Dwyer of Peak of Chic for their very nice posts and mentions on my work over the past few days. All of these women are very talented writers and/or designers. Sometimes people who are so gifted have a problem just "getting over" themselves, let alone making room to support or encourage others in their creative development. These people I am meeting, however, seem secure enough in themselves to set aside any sense of competition for attention and take time out of their own busy lives and careers to give others a helping hand and supportive boost. I am discovering that this whole world of design blogging can be such a supportive and nurturing place for artists like myself! I have made many new "friends" whom I have never even met yet (in person, that is).

Patricia is an interior designer based in Vancouver, British Columbia who has her own delightful blog, Patricia Gray, Inc. She has commissioned me to paint a room she designed and I am finishing that up as we speak. I will post it when it's finished. She is a multi-talented lady who happens to be very supportive of artists and is a very kind, warm person. If you haven't already become one of her readers, please take a look at her fascinating blog.

Kayte Terry is a designer and stylist for Adorn magazine who did an incredible job styling a room designed by Holly Becker (of Decor8 blog, who was the very first to offer her support and do a post on my work). I painted this room for Holly, and then Kayte wrote me to ask if she could blog about my painting and work. You can check out her blog at Adorn as well.

Jennifer Dwyer is the talented writer and discerning eye behind Peak of Chic. Her blog never fails to be included in the top design blog lists everywhere. She somehow manages to marry an interesting and fun writing style with beautiful images to make for a daily must-read. She has been one of those "affirming" voices who has been an encouragement to me. Her post today on interior renderings was fascinating!

Design blogging is growing by the day. It's a wonderful way to meet other design junkies and be educated, inspired, supported and entertained. I for one am thoroughly enjoying the whole experience. It's so exciting to see all the people around the world who are checking out my blog on a daily basis, many who have come to my blog because of other blogging friends who have been kind enough to mention my work. I'd like to send a special thank you and hello to all of my new and extremely supportive friends out there, who have either blogged me, inspired me by their blogs, read Annechovie or left supportive comments on posts about my work or on my own posts. If you are looking for some great reading and inspiration, take a look at the section on the right hand column of my blog titled "Fab Reads".
Thank you ALL!


Lisa Palombo said...

Love your art work and blog! I just found you via Patricia Gray's blog. You are so right...I just started blogging, but already have found the blogworld extremely supportive and friendly.

Keep up the great work!! I look forward to checking in to see what you are up to.

annechovie said...

Thank you, Lisa! You are an amazing painter - I enjoyed looking at your blog and website!

Unknown said...

Hi Anne
Thanks for your very kind words.
I can hardly wait to see the rendering you are doing for me.
Kindest Regards to you.

The Peak of Chic said...

Anne- Thank you! You're such a talent that how could we not write about you? :)
I also agree that all of the design bloggers who I've "met" are always very gracious and helpful.

franki durbin said...

sweetheart, you deserve all of the accolades! It's been great discovering you (I can thank Patricia for it!) and seeing the talent you have to offer.

Keep up the great work!

Style Court said...

Anne, striking composition and colors here!

annechovie said...

Thank you so very much, Patricia, Jennifer, Franki and Courtney for your kind comments and support!