Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I wanted to thank my friend, Katherine Lee, of the great new design blog, URBAN FLEA, for doing a feature post on my work last week. Katherine is a great person with an eye for beautiful things and hip trends. She is certainly no snob and cares nothing for provenance, believing that great design trumps pedigree every time! She has a leg up on the rest of us as she is on staff at the happening design mag, Domino, and gets first dibs on a lot of inside info. Here is what she says about her blog-"I'm on a relentless quest to fuse the best of high and low design, bringing a global urban flea market mash-up to the masses."

So, I think it would behoove you to hop over to URBAN FLEA immediately and check out her latest post! Mucho gracias, Katherine!!


Unknown said...

Hi Anne,

I have not visited you in awhile... looks like you are up to some wonderful things! I am all consumed with nursing a sick pony right now. It is very stressful and we just want her to be OK. But I wanted to check in with you and say hi. Congratulations to your beautiful sister on her engagement! Good luck with everything you have going on!


annechovie said...

Hi Annie!
Thanks for stopping by! So sorry to hear about your little pony and I pray she gets better soon. Thanks for the kind wishes - you are very thoughtful!

Courtney said...

Hi Anne! I immediately tried to go to Urban Flea using the second link you gave...and I think it's the wrong one...doesn't go to the same blog that the first link goes to. just thought you might like to know :-) (or maybe I'm just missing something)

annechovie said...

Thanks so much for letting me know, Courtney! I fixed it.