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The lovely Maritere Casillas Rice, a gifted artist and photographer I met through Etsy.
Maritere was gracious enough to submit to a little"interview" and share some of her beautiful paintings and photographs with us.

Maritere's Etsy shop - Totart
Where were you born?
Beautiful Guadalajara, Mexico – but grew up in Monterrey, MX… went to college in Monterrey and later Washington, D.C. where I met my Husband.

One of her pieces - "Contemplating Nature"
What is your artistic background schooling (if any)?
None. I majored in International Business; however I grew up around music and art all my life… my Father was an avid and wonderful amateur photographer who taught me how to use a camera and capture special moments in life; my house was always full of music (specially The Beatles), I was enrolled in music and dance lessons from age 2, and later became part of my high school's and University's Drama Department (singing, dancing and acting). Throughout my teenage and early adulthood years I took a number of art and photography classes back in Mexico.

"I See Shades of Pink"
Have you always been creative and, if so, do you have an early memory of "making" something?
Yes; I cannot remember a time growing up when I wouldn't scribble drawings on notebooks, sketchbooks and coloring books. If we were traveling I would always carry a full set of crayons and coloring pencils together with a sketchbook. I remember taking pictures from an early age with my dad and creating collages to decorate my notebooks every school year… and of course, my room was a constant "area of opportunity", being rearranged almost every month (my mom was kind enough to let me experiment painting "techniques" on my bookcase).

"Thoughts of Winter and Fall"
What inspires you most creatively and gets your creative juices flowing?
Color! I love finding creative ideas browsing through art and home d├ęcor books, and magazines… though traveling has always inspired me the most! It's through the new experiences I live that I get most inspiration. I really enjoy translating an experience into a collage or painting, or capturing unique moments through my lens, and will constantly go back to happy memories of my life for inspiration.

"Buenos Aires Blues"
What are some of your favorite things or things that are essential to your success/well-being as a person and artist/business owner?
My family's and friend's support; their love and encouragement keep me going.

"Nature in Green and Yellow"
Where would you live if you could live anywhere?
Tough question… would love to be back in my beautiful and colorful Mexico! Though, I am constantly drawn towards the idea of living in Paris (I studied there and absolutely fell in love with the City), or moving back to Washington D.C. (sans the really cold January)… Europe perhaps! It has to be a place were I can raise a happy child ...

"Nature's Bloom"
What are the most challenging things for you about doing what you do?
Aside from being an artist, I am a mother, wife and teacher…. I would say being able to find my "creative time" it's the most difficult. I have a demanding schedule and lots of responsibilities both at home and work, so I constantly find myself staying up until the wee hours just to find time to update my Etsy Shop/blog or work on a my art… also promoting myself and acquiring new customers. Art is not a necessity but a pleasure/luxury to most buyers, which makes it challenging for artists to start a business.

"Mexican Sunset" one of Maritere's photographs

Where do you live and work?
I live in the Suburbs of Houston, TX with my wonderful husband and amazing son. Art wise, I work at home, and of course I always carry my camera with me; you never know when a creative opportunity is going to pop.

"Being a Child Again"

Favorite food?
Real Mexican Tacos, and Sushi!

Favorite music?
LOVE music! Always The Beatles, and the rest changes from time to time… I've been listening to a lot of James Blunt & Leona Lewis lately.
I would like to thank Maritere for taking the time out of her very busy schedule to share her work and life with us. Maritere is also a blogger and I know you will enjoy following her lfe and work here at:

I hope that all of my US readers have a safe and very enjoyable Independence Day weekend!


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Great interview!!!

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Thanks, Kirsten. Maritere made it fun! Hope you have a great 4th!

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love that she stays up til the wee hours finding time to create! I often wake up early to work uninterrupted.
love her work!

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Maritere Rice Photography said...

Oh what an amazing surprise; this just made my day!!!!! Anne, thank you for the wonderful post! I am honored to be featured on your blog! Also, thank you for your interest in my work, your generosity of time and space, and kindness! I truly appreciate the post and your readers’ kind comments!

Have a nice long weekend!


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Hello Maritere! Thank YOU!! I am so happy we've "met" and thank you for sharing your work and life with us. Have a wonderful holiday!

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I love her work Anne! I love the colors...


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