Tuesday, June 2, 2009


You can win this Oscar de la Renta couture dress AND the illustration on ideeli.com!

The ideeli blog wants to feature an Annechovie reader. They are asking you, my readers, to share your style - they want you to show them how you dress up or down your favorite ideeli finds on Twitter. Winners will be featured on the ideeli blog and will receive a $15 shopping credit good for 30 days on ideeli. They are not putting a limit on the number of winners. If they love it, they will post it! Please note, the post on ideeli will include a detailed interview with the winner!

To get started, you need to do the following:

1) Join ideeli on Twitter: http://twitter.com/ideeli

2) load your favorite style shot to Twitpic. Make sure you start your tweet with "@ ideeli" so they can find your pictures. Event ends, June 30th.

They will start posting their favorite images ASAP. If you have questions you can email them at blog@ideeli.com Please don't forget to mention in your Tweet that you heard about the promotion here on Annechovie!

Also, while we are on the subject of ideeli, I want to mention that they are also featuring an Oscar de la Renta, one of kind couture dress giveaway. Remember to enter! This dress has been designed by Oscar himself! Not only do you win the dress in your size BUT you win the gorgeous illustration of the dress signed by Oscar de la Renta as well! They will be accepting entries the entire month of June.


Beth Connolly said...

Oh how fun, fun, fun. I'm heading right over!

Unknown said...

This sounds so fun. What a great way to start summer. A beautiful dress and bonus illustration too!

Just what a woman needs in this economy...a special treat.


Southern Aspirations said...

WOW! This is amazing. I especially love the sketch selected.

Thank you for sharing!

Christy said...

Are you serious? I can't believe they are giving away a couture dress! Does the photo have to be of us posing in our style or just items we find stylish? I suppose I'll email them for the answer! Thank you for bringing this to our attention - and I hope it generates a lot of new interest in your fabulous blog!

Kwana said...

I love Ideeli!

Averill said...

I love ideeli, too! I've gotten some great deals on there on purses, sunglasses, etc.

This dress is divine. Only problem is, when will I have an opportunity to wear couture?!

Sanity Fair said...

It's just a great day - I love Oscar de la Renta - go Ideeli! Beautiful dress. And Averill, it's artwork - don't worry if you can't wear it! :)

Kate Coveny Hood said...

I love fashion sketches. The textiles always look like a splash of color on the page.

Katherine Lee said...

What a gorgeous illustration! Leave it to you my dear to pick lovely pictures! Hope all is well!
xo Katherine aka. Urban Flea :)