Monday, August 3, 2009


These beautiful images are from talented photographer Tim Irving, who lives and works in the Andalucia region of Spain. He is graciously sponsoring a give-away on Annechovie this week.

Tim authors a blog by the name of StyleMed. It focuses on Mediterranean design and lifestyle.

To enter the give-away, just visit Tim's shop and then come back here and leave a comment telling me which 3 photos are your favorites. The winner will be drawn via and announced on Friday, August 7th.


Erin Helgerson said...

Only 3? Okay, here goes! The Night Florist, Over The Garden Fence and Ripe Red are my favorites! He's so talented! I love them! Thanks for bringing Tim to my attention!!! XO!

Simply Mel {Reverie} said...

Tim is one of my favorites in this blogging world! Not to mention I LOVE his favorites being the Flamenco dresses, the French Culinary Lavender, and the Lone Parent!

Thank you for this wonderful giveaway.

Have a great week!

Aveen said...

I've seen Tim's photos before and think they are wonderful. My three favourites are Devotion to the Ocean, Carousel 1970 and Resting.

Kate Coveny Hood said...

Of the three? Devotion to the Ocean. But in the shop - there is just something about Spanish Walls... I was in Andalusia for my honeymoon and just loved it. We went back for a return trip four years later!

linda powers said...

thanks for introducing tim!
my 1st picks are:
french landscape w/ poppies,
red ripe,
and bunch of 4.

Debra said...

Anne- This work is gorgeous! I love the cherries here...and the Honey Shop on his fabulous ETSY site. Thanks for sharing this- it's inspiring. Have a wonderful day.

pve design said...

I love the "White teapot" and "The Road to Limoge" both have this "white" aura. Lately I seem to gravitate to all things white. They feel clean, and just soothing.
Thanks for the special give-away!

Christy said...

I adore his work. We have one of his images as our screen saver.

My favorites:
Devotion to the Ocean
Ocean Diver

I hope I win!

a. said...

Devotion to the Ocean is awesome - so calm and serene. Looking at that photo - it's almost like you are there!

Kalee said...

Hi! I really love The Embrace, French Cherry Tree. Reminds me of a Pissarro painting, lovely.

hello gorgeous said...

LOVE the top one in your post: Devotion to the Ocean. Also love Deserted Beach and the finish in The Joy of Life France is amazing!

My daughter is going to art school for photography in the fall. I'm excited. I love that you are promoting other artists as well, Anne - like Jamie Shelman.

And I love your new chair silhouette.

MFAMB said...

1. devotion to the ocean
2. look up
3. high tide
with emphasis on #1. gorgeous. just wish it was bigger! thanks for the giveaway.

Kent said...

French Landscape with Poppies
Paper Lanterns
Ripe Red

Contact: info [AT]

Torch Lake Prep said...

What great art! I love:
Night Florist
Flamenco Dress
Pink Citroen

Thanks for this great giveaway!

Sherrie said...

Love his photographs! My three favorite are:

Provence France 1999

The Embrace, French Cherry Tree

C'est la vie

Karena said...

Anne, as you know my style of painting, the first seascape image draws me the most I love Tim's photography. It may even inspire a painting, and I will give credit of course!

My Notting Hill said...

My favorite is Devotion to the Ocean. Beautiful.

Lizzie said...

I love them all, but think my 3 favorite are: Devotion to the Ocean, Paper Laterns, & North Africa Shoe Shop.

pve design said...

I love the "white tea" and "The road between Limoge - the all white....
I thought I had left a comment....oh where doth all those lost comments go?
Thanks for the giveaway!

MrsLittleJeans said...

My favorites are "waiting for dinner", "wall of lights", and "the honey shop"

Happy Monday!


72 and sunny said...

ooh. I love Tim's work. My favorite in this line up is the cherries.

naphtali said...

I love his work! And, before I change my mind (since it's taking me a bit long to decide my favorites....) here it goes: 1) The Embrace, French Cherry Tree, 2) French landscape w/ Poppies and 3) View of Paris.

JennyMac said...

What a fabulous artist. I love Beach Games, Carousel, and Le Provence.

And awesome giveaway Annechovie!

Bichonwheels said...

The thing that strikes me about these photographs is that all inspire me to want to dream up a story to go with them. My favorite for its colors and calm is "Devotion to the Ocean," but I also LOVE "Goldfinch in a Cage" and Andalucia-Spanish Landscape" and many man more. Thank you for introducing me to this work!

evie s. said...

They are all great! But my favs have to be:
Big Yellow Catkins
Provence France

Southern Aspirations said...

Choosing three is indeed hard! But here goes...
Old Desert Windpump
Devotion to the Ocean
The Embrace. I really didn't want to pick any of the ones that you featured but I just adore the Ocean and the flowering tree one!!

EJR said...

My three favorite are

table for two
devotion to the ocean
and Fantasy land


Laura Trevey said...

Provence, Jasmine, and Paper Lanterns...
Especially Provence!!

Vicky's Yard Sale said...

I've been obsessing over his carousel pictures for quite some time now... It was a tough desicion, but I absolutely love 'Paper Lanterns', 'Flamenco Dress in Bedroom', and of course, 'Carousel 1970'. They are all too yummy for words though.

KRM said...

I would have to say, my favorites are:
1. Carousel 1970
2. The Embrace, French Cherry Tree
3. Devotion to the Ocean

Thanks for sponsoring this . . . beautiful photography!

Chic Coles said...

My favorites are the "Devotion to the Ocean, Jasmine in the Medicine Bottle and The Embrace; French Cherry Tree"

Thanks so much for the great giveaway!

Beth Connolly said...

Pink Citroen Car
Fantasy Land

Great work!

laura said...

I loved his work. My favorites are: Carousel 1970, Pink Desert Flower and Devotion to the Ocean. Will definitely visit his shop!

icandy... said...

Those photos are amazing!!!! :)

Caroline said...

Hello! I found you through A gift wrapped Life. V nice blog! Thanks for introducing me to Tim Irving too!

My list:
Ripe Red
Table for Two
The Road between Limoges and Cognac

pep said...

What beautiful images! My favorite, by far is the carousel. Second and third are "the yellow jersey" and "essential Spain". Love them all though!

Dumbwit Tellher said...

So pleased to discover Tim's amazing work. My favorites although hard to pick just 3 are - the Pink Citroen car, Looked Up, & the Yellow Jersey. I would love to take the photo, Devotion to the Ocean & have it blown up to an insane size & put above our bed. Thanks for the intro to Tim's photography & thanks for the giveaway Anne!

Unknown said...

My three favorite photographs from Tim Irving's collection of works are "The Road Between Limoges & Cognac," "Moon Over Pink Clouds," and "Roadside Daisies." Thanks for bringing his work to my attention.

Anonymous said...

I really would be happy to have any single one of his pieces in my home, I love them all.

I think my three favorites are Scarlet Ivy, Carousel 1970 and The Embrace, French Cherry Tree.

Although thats just for today. Could change tomorrow...

Thanks for posting this awesome contest.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness. I've looked carefully at his photos three ties, and it's really hard to nail down three favorites. But since you insist:)
*Long May You Run
*Buen Gusto Cafe
*Fantasy Land
But by tomorrow they could be three different favorites because I would be entirely overjoyed to display any of his photography. Thank you for introducing me to such a talent.

Yansy said...

Anne- This is an amazing giveaway. My favorite one is The Embrace, French Cherry Tree.

Sanity Fair said...

So beautiful - those blossoms!

Mimi said...

What a talented Photographer.
My 3 favorite images are:
Provence,France 1999
The Button Tin
Waiting for Dinner

Liz King said...

Wonderful work, very inspiring.

My favs are:

Carousel 1970
Think Pink
Over the Garden Fence

Maggie @ SweetwaterBaby said...

What a fantastic giveaway! And thanks so much for introducing us to Tim. I'm re-doing my family room with accents in red and sky-blue, so I think my faves are (hard to choose) Devotion to the Ocean, African Kitchenalia and Table for Two. Nice work Tim!!!

Maggie :)

ilona said...

what a great opportunity!! it was hard to choose just 3, but "ripe red", "late afternoon in the cow pasture" and "resting swallows" particularly appealed to me. thanks for the chance to own some of this lovely work.

Anonymous said...

paper lanterns, first arrival, summer visitor and lookup as a group and the road between lomoges and cognac

Unknown said...

paper lantern, lookup/first arrival/summervisitor as a group and the road between limoges and cognac

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh same same, I mean, the pictures made in 'tim irving' on our blogs. Nice nice blog!

Agneta from sweden