Friday, May 18, 2012


Is there some appliance out there that is just SO appealing that even though you may not NEED one at the moment, it still makes you perk up when you see it?  I am that way about the SMEG FRIDGES 
Timeless, chic, kitschy and fun. Which color would you pick? I am curious! 


Teresa Hatfield ~ Splendid Sass said...

I love the third one in a light mint green. Perfect. I love the slimline build.

The French Tangerine said...

seriously charming. love the title!
I would love this until I got home from the grocery store with all my frozen pizzas, bagel bites, and pizza rolls for the teens... then it could be a problem.. but thanks for the fantasy!

Unknown said...

I LOVE these! The pink is super cute but I think I'd choose the pale blue at the top. Kind of perfect with all the navy decor I'm drawn to!

Just wanted to say a huge thank you for your kind words on my "things I'm afraid to tell you" post. It is so reassuring to hear that from someone whose brand, business, etc. I so admire! xoxo

CDS said...

I have been in LOVE with these for so long! I love the mint, pink and light blue!! :) xoxo

Sarah said...

I LOVE these fridges as well and am partial to the pink!!! But, it would be difficult to make a choice I have to say because I could live with the blue, green or how about red??? See? I can't do it!! ;-0

Test said...

love them!!! have a nice weekend!!!

Sam Hoffer / My Carolina Kitchen said...

I can't get over the selection of colors available. Hard choice.

Unknown said...

The ebb and flow of design. I love the black and have a hard time finding a counter depth fridge these days. something to consider!

Have a great weekend!

the designers muse said...

I always thought it would be really fun to have a pink kitchen, but I do like the lavender one! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Jennifer

red ticking said...

pink! oh how i loved seeing your comment today... chicken soup for my soul.... miss you darling friend and hoping for many blessings in your life... xx

DolceDreams said...

These are fabulous Anne! I would choose the pink or the blue for my office...I love your new pillows in the shop too, you have been busy!
Happy Sunday,

Renée Finberg said...

black of course!!!!

really cute.