Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Gallery walls are no longer just a trend

(via Absolutely Beautiful Things)

more and more art lovers and homeowners are incorporating them into their decor

(via Ivy & Piper)

whether with just small groupings or entire walls covered

There are no real "rules" per se, but mapping a grouping out on the floor or with paper templates taped on the wall beforehand can be helpful, that way you don't make any unnecessary holes in the wall.

(via Absolutely Beautiful Things)

If you are looking for a more versatile way to hang art and change around displays, check out these options for a picture hanger

You don't have to stay with any one frame color or size, variety - as long as it is visually harmonious - can add a lot of interest and make your display unique!


Katrina said...

These are great, thanks for the inspiration!

Brown Button Trading said...

oh wow! that is my old lounge room! (the one with the roses on the coffee table) - I really do miss that place. Funny thing though - i know have a gallery wall in my office at work (to brighten things up a bit) - and have still incorporated many of those prints x

Unknown said...

ALL lovely......smiles

Karena said...

Anne I love seeing your art in these gallery walls! Wonderful!

2012 Artists Series

Sarah said...

Hi Anne: Gallery walls are very interesting and definitely THE thing to do aren't they? I am in a new rental cottage and don't have the luxury right now, but, maybe someday! ;-))

miss b said...

So much inspiration here and I like the different sizes of frames but my favourite is definitely the last photo - your gorgeous chairs!

Unknown said...

love it! I'm a huge fan of gallery walls, and have hung them for years by 'eye'..Ive looked into many hanging systems, and still go back to my old school way.
Have a great weekend Anne,
xo Nancy

Renée Finberg said...

this is exciting!!!
and your ideas are right on!


Kate said...

Great pics! So exciting to see your place up there Kimbo. I'm yet to master the gallery wall myself - had one bad experience with some bad wall hooks and they all came tumbling down, taking a big chunk of my skirting board with it! Think I need a long lunch with Kimberlee and Emma to set me right!