Friday, June 14, 2013


I am really into colorful food and these sandwiches (via Pinterest via Honestly Yum) look like little masterpieces to me. I always find myself drawn to small plates, tapas, tea sandwiches and sushi. If I weren't an artist, I'd be a decorator or a chef. There is such scope for creativity, not to mention that I love eating! You could make these as hors d'oeuvres or an entire meal. Find the recipes for these scrumptious ricotta crostini here.
Hope you have a scrumptious weekend!


MrsLittleJeans said...

These are works of art...and like you I adore tea sandwiches...I could live on these...thanks for the link and a happy weekend to you Anne xx

Preppy Empty Nester said...

Thanks for the recipes. These are a true work of art. Have a great weekend.

Karena said...

These are really creative, bright and beautiful Anne. I'm sure yummy as well!

Art by Karena
Giveaway by Splendid Sass

Renae Moore said...

I love this kind of food and the artistry is indeed beautiful! I too find myself drawn to tapas restaurants especially those with good wine!

Anonymous said...

You should paint sushi/ tapas/ tea sandwiches!

Julye said...

looks so cute and must be delicious!!

La Petite Gallery said...

Very nice, it made me want a
cucumber sandwich.