Friday, August 3, 2007


Top image:Gouache/ink painting on Arches cold press paper (8x11) by Anne Harwell
Bottom image: Jack Deutsch for Adorn Magazine via Decor8

This is a painting I did for Holly Becker of Decor8 design blog. It was featured in a post by her yesterday on her blog. This is a room she designed for the Fall 2007 issue of Adorn Magazine. Holly is a very talented designer and writer who has been a pioneer in the world of design blogs. Her blog is a hip and reliable source for the latest and best. She is also an exceptionally nice person. She was the first to feature my work and has been so incredibly helpful in getting the word out. She has been beyond supportive, as she is to so many indie artists, designers, bloggers and craftspeople out there. Thank you, Holly, for the mention yesterday, and for everything!

Now this piece is available as a print in my Etsy shop. Please contact me at: if you would like a similar painting done of your favorite room.


Blogging Masterclass said...

Anne - Being supportive is a breeze with ladies like you. It has been a pleasure to get to know you and your work, you are talented yourself and you bring something REALLY unique to the table with your affordable commissions. So many should ask you to paint their favorite room or their house even. I know things like that make amazing gifts too. Giving someone a painting of their own home is a perfect present idea. :)

Maryam in Marrakesh said...

Holly is unbeliveably darling. She has been very supportive of my blog, too. And hers was the first blog I ever saw!

annechovie said...

Thank you, Holly! You are so kind!

Thanks for stopping by - I have admired your blog - fascinating!

Style Court said...


It's so fun to see your range! I hope the commissions keep pouring in.

annechovie said...

Thank you, Courtney!

Anonymous said...

wow your painting actually looks better than te actual room, you are awesome!!!!!!!