Friday, December 18, 2009


Thanks to Shannon for including me in his gracious  post recently.

Also talented stationer Amanda at Tart Paperie.

and Sarah at Flourish Design in Calgary.

So kind! If I am missing anyone who has posted on my work recently, please let me know. I cannot believe it's only a week until Christmas - it's been a whirlwind here wrapping up everything to get shipped to my wonderful clients and customers. Thanks to everyone for making this such a great year.
Have a terrific weekend and I'll see you back here on Monday!


MrsLittleJeans said...

You and your work fit perfectly in those blogs...congratulations Anne, and good night to you!

xx Isn't is very late out there?

Chic Coles said...

Congrats Anne! That is such great news!

Karena said...

Lovely Anne, I would love to have your entire suite of chairs!! Have you thought about a note card set featuring one of each?! I bet it would be a terrific seller!

Kate Coveny Hood said...

I forgot to tell you - I love the cards I ordered. They are part of my Mom's Christmas gift. The rest is the Annechovie tissue box and match box from Shandells! Love all of it.

Also - I featured you in a little wish list guest post here:

Radostina // said...

Beautiful. I wish you great Sunday :)


Kwana said...

The chairs are so lovely and you deserve praise. Have a great weekend.

Kirsten Steen said...

And a lovely weekend to you!

Unknown said...

Congrats, what a gift to a terrific giver!


Jo said...

I can totally understand why the would chose to feature you ~ your talent is amazing!

I love, love, love my print!

Oddly, your post haven't been showing up on my reading. I thought you were just busy and not posting ~ I'm been missing you and your great posts.

Gold Coast Hotels said...

Very nice designs. Love the Italian inspired design of the chair. Lovely and elegant.